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Info Speedserver

Next reset speed server:
sunday 8 p.m

new players

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What is IN531K4MPF?

..and what is it about?

IN531K4MPF is a browser-based free online game.

In IN531K4MPF you are the ruler of an island and your goal is to build a huge island kingdom. You conquer other islands and try to expand your influence through war and diplomacy and rise from your 1-island empire to several hundred, maybe later thousands. Become the ultimate island ruler and strike fear into the island world of IN531K4MPF!

This info only explains the basic functions of the game. If you have any further questions, search the forum or if they haven't been asked yet, ask yourself. There will definitely be someone in the game who can help you.

Chat with other players and the team IN531K4MPF on IRC


December 27, 2021

The next battle

The battle on Server 13 starts on January 15th, 2022 at 6:00 pm

August 21, 2021

The next battle

The battle (S12) starts on Sep. 25, 2021

January 10, 2021

The battle starts on Feb. 28, 2021!

The next battle (S11) starts on Feb. 28, 2021


Server 13

S13 Server started on:
January 15th


2345 registered players

215 logins in last 24 hours

50523 isles at all servers

top player

Tyrael, 9190745 points

Loki, 2007037 points

Nobody, 2863619 points

x76-ss, 291096 points

top alliances

LG, 20261706 points

VoL, 5174207 points

AI, 6543726 points

S.P.Q.R., 260004 points

biggest army on one isle

Server 11

6957 Frigate
869030 Stone Hurler
29751 Lanceman
22153 Bowman

Server 12

5193 Frigate
29206 Stone Hurler
26354 Lanceman
8300 Bowman

Server 13

2627 Frigate
17301 Stone Hurler
9193 Lanceman
8196 Bowman


42000 Frigate
229500 Stone Hurler
100000 Lanceman
190000 Bowman

Victorious alliances

S11 - [.]
S12 - [BA]