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What is IN531K4MPF?

IN531K4MPF is a free browser based online game.

Be ruler of your own island, build infrastructure and ships, research arms, form an army and conquere other islands! Be careful however, other players seek your island.

This information only explains the basic functions of the game. Should you have any further questions, search in the facebook group. Also in the game there will certainly be someone who can help you.

Chat with other players and the team IN531K4MPF on IRC


January 10, 2021

The battle starts on Feb. 28, 2021!

The battle starts on Feb. 28, 2021


Speedserver starts on:
01.04.2021 18:00


1915 registered players

5135 logins in last 24 hours

43946 isles at all servers

top player

Faceman, 6017 points

top alliances

A-Team, 27757 points

biggest army on one isle

Server 11

124 Frigate
863 Stone Hurler
497 Lanceman
252 Bowman

Download Datasheet S11