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World 15

World 15 starts on March 27th, 8:00 PM CET


new players

Loscil, MrJanos, B4NE, DeineMutter, McFly, Kevin, KautoStar, Jbomb, Mamba, Fuffi, Cloud555, Aggrobot, Dimitri, crazzy, Rabbit

What is Inselkampf?

..and what is it about?

Inselkampf is a browser-based free online game.

The game principle is simple: You start with a main house and additionally have to build a quarry, lumberjack's hut, gold mine, port, barracks, warehouse, etc. The players represented in the world can join alliances, which can accommodate up to 10 players. However, before you can start waging wars and conducting trade, it takes some time. Players can spy on each other, fight, and make joint alliances and peace treaties. In an alliance, there are diplomats, members, and administrators. If you're looking for an uncomplicated online game, Insekampf is the right choice. In Inselkampf you are the ruler of an island and your goal is to build a huge island kingdom. You conquer other islands and try to expand your influence through war and diplomacy and rise from your 1-island empire to several hundred, maybe later thousands. Become the ultimate island ruler and strike fear into the island world of Inselkampf!

This info only explains the basic functions of the game. If you have any further questions, search the forum or if they haven't been asked yet, ask yourself. There will definitely be someone in the game who can help you.

Chat with other players and the team Inselkampf on IRC


February 21, 2024

The next battle

The battle on World 15 starts on March 27th, 8:00 PM CET

June 29, 2023

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The battle on World 14 starts on October 1th

December 27, 2021

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The battle on World 13 starts on January 15th

August 21, 2021

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The battle on World 12 starts on Sep. 25, 2021

January 10, 2021

The battle starts on Feb. 28, 2021!

The battle on World 11 starts on Feb. 28, 2021



2522 registered players

1381 logins in last 24 hours

50126 isles at all Worlds

top player

Baal, 14506305 points

Loki, 2918216 points

Drunken, 6133533 points

Axel_F, 211614 points

Rufio, 1474 points

top alliances

LG, 21082297 points

_|E, 5165073 points

AI, 12609600 points

404, 575607 points

AA, 6363 points

biggest army on one isle

World 11

7631 Frigate
833667 Stone Hurler
36021 Lanceman
29547 Bowman

World 12

7894 Frigate
29201 Stone Hurler
41901 Lanceman
5634 Bowman

World 13

4063 Frigate
87973 Stone Hurler
15614 Lanceman
15700 Bowman

World 14

635 Frigate
8907 Stone Hurler
3176 Lanceman
1537 Bowman

World 15

22 Frigate
121 Stone Hurler
33 Lanceman
44 Bowman

Victorious alliances

World 11 - [.]
World 12 - [BA]
World 13 - [AI]
World 14 - [404]
World 15 - XXXXXXXX